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Erin on discipleing emerging Adults

Erin preached at Christ Church Austin on how we can care for emerging adults in our churches and families. Click the image to listen


Theology of Intimacy

My doctoral thesis explores the intersection of faith and intimate relationships. Essentially, I believe that our current approaches to emerging adult discipleship have not resulted in a robust theology of intimacy. I propose that we start with different questions that recapture a gospel-centered foundation for these topics. You can read a full version of the project here (Copyrighted 2021). Subscribe to the newsletter to read exclusive blogs on these subjects and stay tuned for future publications. If you would like to have me speak in person, please click here.

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In 2019, my friend Blake Dean and I launched a podcast that discusses gender theology for the gospel empowerment of men and women. In 2021 we relaunched with CBE International. We, and our team of co-hosts, have all-star guests who tackle the nuances of male/female partnerships in the church, home, and society. Click on the link below to listen (or subscribe on any podcast player)

Very beautiful place in the house museum

The blog contains sample chapters of my research on intimacy. It also contains writing on a variety of topics for emerging adults (18-29) based on observations from my work as a college chaplain. See my areas of interest in my About Me page. Some content is available for subscribers only. But its totally FREE, so go ahead and sign up here.

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I write and contribute to a number of sites such as: AMEN (Anglican Multi-ethnic Network), Anglican Compass, Mutuality Magazine, and Christianity Today blog forums. You can find the full list of my publications and awards in my CV or click here for links to where I was a guest author.

Theology of Intimacy
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