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She Speaks, She Writes, She Creates

Content creation is always happening! In addition to her forthcoming book with InterVarsity Press (Knowing & Being Known: Hope for All Our Intimate Relationships), Erin stays busy putting out helpful content for emerging adults, practitioners, and anyone interested in the topics she specializes in. Whether it is guest speaking at conferences or churches, guest writing for magazines, journals, or blogs, or preaching in guest pulpits, Erin loves meeting new people and getting to address topics that draw from and towards the gospel of Christ. Erin also has her own blog and newsletter (The Good Chair). She created and co-hosted the podcast Mutuality Matters. She is a guest on podcasts and posts regularly on the socials with videos, short-form writing, and graphics that are there to enrich, encourage, and inform. Check out the links below to watch Erin present and preach, read Erin's writings, and listen to Erin speak.

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