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About Me


I love to disciple and create content for emerging adults and practitioners.

As a chaplain to an undergraduate community, I am active in spiritual formation, mentoring, discipleship, and programming for young adults. I serve as an Associate Chaplain at Baylor University and I am the Director for Chapel. 


I am the author of Knowing & Being Known: Hope for All Our Intimate Relationships (IVP 2025). The book is an extension of my doctoral thesis, "Created to Connect: Recapturing a Gospel Understanding of Intimacy for Emerging Adults in a College Setting," which is a foundational study for a renewed theology of intimacy.

I am a trained conciliator and enjoy conflict-coaching and third-party mediation. I preach, guest lecture in college classes, and I enjoy public speaking in a variety of settings. I write and contribute to a number of sites such as: AMEN (Anglican Multi-ethnic Network), Anglican Compass, and Mutuality Magazine. You can find the full list of my publications and awards in my CV.


Back in 2019, I helped create the podcast, Mutuality Matters: gender theology for the gospel empowerment of men and women. The podcast now partners with CBE International and has a team of brilliant co-hosts and guests. In March of 2024, I joined the Board of Equip (Nashville) and feel privileged to work with this team in their mission.

If you love emerging adults or any of the topics I specialize in, I would love to talk to you! Reach out and let's get acquainted. 


My specialties:

  • Intimate Relationships (including singleness, community, family, etc.,)

  • Reconciliation (Interpersonal & Communal)

  • Gender Theology

  • Racial Healing / Social Justice

  • Ecumenicism and Interfaith Cooperation

Other Bits:

Enneagram: 8
Myers-Briggs: ENTJ-A
Clifton Strengths: 1. Achiever 2. Communication 3. Input 4. Woo 5. Activator

More About Erin ...

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 5.59.57 PM.png

In 2016, I was ordained as a Deacon in the ACNA (Anglican Church of North America). I now have the privileged to serve as a deacon at All Saints Waco under our rector, Fr. Michael Funderburk and assisting priest, Fr. Matthew Aughtry. If you are unfamiliar with the Holy Order of Deacons in the Anglican tradition, in short, we are different from priests (even though every priest must first be a deacon before they become a priest), and we tend to serve the church by working in specific cultures outside the church and then "communicate the needs of the world to the church." I love getting to work with and speak to other churches about my work with emerging adults.


Helping others discover how the gospel of Christ transforms us and our relationships started long before my career in ministry. In college, I found a partner who was just as committed to the shaping power of the gospel, and together, we have been on this journey witnessing the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and others'.

Michael and I got married in 2005 and ever since, we have been blessed to care for young people and live out the testimony of God's sanctifying work in relationships. We have ministered together to youth in Atlanta, refugees and immigrants in Nashville, and college students at Berry College. We currently live in Waco, Texas where we continue to disciple emerging adults. Michael is getting his degree in marriage and family counseling (LMFT), and I serve as a chaplain at Baylor University. Our home is blessed with a revolving door of students and young adults we have adopted into our lives. We offer free pre-marital counseling and have had the joy of journeying with several couples over the years.

When we are not narrating the inner monologue of our two cats, we love to hike, camp, watch movies, and partake of local fare in our community with friends.

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