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Original Content from Erin

Erin has a blog where she writes about topics that are either personal or relevant to the emerging adults she ministers to.

Back in 2019, Erin and her friend, Blake Dean, began a podcast to talk about issues of gender theology. This was the birth of Mutuality Matters Podcast. In 2022, they leveld up the podcast to be hosted by CBE International. They added a team of podcast hosts and expanded their range of topics. Below is the anthology of Blake and Erin's episodes from the very beginning and all the way up through the partnership with CBE.

Image by Brandi Redd

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Mutuality Matters Podcast: Erin & Blake's Anthology

* A Visit to the Bookstore with Elizabeth Beyer

* Women will be Saved Through Childbearing? with Dr. Sandra Glahn

* She Deserves Better with Sheila Wray Gregoire

* Us Bearing God’s Image, Not God Bearing Ours with Dr. Lucy Peppiat
* Pastors’ Wives and Medieval Religion with Dr. Beth Allison Barr
* Ableism and Gender Roles with Kailey Bradley
* Non-Toxic Masculinity with Zachary Wagner
* Women and Authority in the Early Church with Dr. Nijay Gupta
* The Gender of God with Dr. Amy Peeler
* Jesus and Women with Dr. Lynn Cohick
* Gendered Socialization and Unearthing Buried Talents with Dr. Susan Harris Howell
* The Hidden Truths about Abuse with Created to Thrive authors Rebecca Kotz and Annette Ottmans 
* Porn and Patriarchy with Mallory Ellington
* Professor Moms: Dr. Deshonna Collier-Goubil on Women in Christian Higher Education
* Exploring the Fullness of Galatians 3:28
* Subversive Grandmothers & Tenacious Widows: Kat Armas’ Abuelita Faith
* Redeeming the Women of the Old Testament: A Conversation with Rev. Dr. Lissa Wray Beal
* Motherhood and a Tapestry of Perspectives with Blake Dean
* Power at the Cross: Invitation to the Sufferings of Christ with Dr. Diane Langberg
* Ending Faux Egalitarianism with guest Tiffany Bluhm
* So, Are Women Equal Yet? with guest Deidre Jonese Austin
* Womanist Maternal Thought and Scripture with guest Dr. Stephanie B. Crowder
* Finding a Prophetic Roadmap for Successful Mixed-Gender Teams - Dr. Rob Dixon
* The Women in Ministry Conference at Beeson Divinity School
* Women & Poverty
* Mutualism and Current Events
* Katharine Bushnell and 1st Wave Feminism
* Intimacy and Emerging Adults
* Special Bonus Episode with Dr. Mimi Haddad
* Season 2 Wrap-up
* A Theology of Family + An Apocalyptic Advent - Emily McGowin
* Redeeming Paul - Part 2 - Cynthia Westfall
* Redeeming Paul - Part 1 - Cynthia Westfall
* Patriarchy Hurts Everyone - Eugene Hung
* Decolonizing our Gender Theology - Nicole Foster
* Significance of Singleness - Christina Hitchcock
* Gender Can’t Capture God - Natalie Carnes
* Jesus Came to Disrupt - Sandra Van Opstal
* Gender Roles + the Sexual Cartel - Carrie A. Miles
* Can we Man it Up? - William (Bill) Witt
* Its Not a Gender Battle - Carolyn Custis James
* Why Didn’t God Make Me a Boy so I Could be a Preacher? - Kristen Padilla
* Tackling the Classics - Season 2 Opener
* Local Heroes - Dr. Jordan Rowan-Fannin
* Local Heroes - Adam Hubert
* Local Heroes - Stacie Marshall
* Local Heroes - Rev. Dr. Jonathan Huggins
* Dating Series 4 - Q&A Wrap-Up
* Dating Series 3
* Dating Series 2
* Dating Series 1
* The Books That Shaped Us
* What is Mutuality?
* Advent Special: Mariology
* Introduction to Mutuality Matters

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