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You're Created for Intimacy: Friendship, Singleness, & the Gospel

Part 2 of a series on Relationships, this was delivered to the Hill House Christian Group at UT Austin. While focusing on singleness and friendship, it gives a crash course in a theology of intmacy.


Dating & the kingdom of god

This talk was given to a group of emerging adults at Christ Church Austin. This recording includes the Q&A section.

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Recovering friendship: What it is & why we need it

This was delivered at Christ Church of Austin's 2023 Parish Retreat: The Art of Friendship. In this plenary session, Erin makes the claim that friendship is not only how we learn the gospel, but that it is the most foundational form of intimate relationship.

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Showing hospitality to each other

Can church be a place where everyone ...  EVERYONE has a family? What is our identity as the church and what does that mean for how we live life together?

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A Theology of Intimacy for Emerging Adults

Erin presents the findings of her doctoral research at the Ecclesiology and Ethnography Conference at the University of Durham in Durham, England

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Caring for Students Wrestling with their Faith

This talk was given to college ministers at the inaugural College Ministry Collective Conference at WinShape College Program at Berry College.


The Gospel

This is a gospel presentation for undergraduate students attending the Catalyst event series for Baptist Student Ministries at Baylor University.


communities of remembrance

This address for the 2023 Berry Alumni Service, is all about how we gather for the purpose of remembering the gospel and to remember who we are.

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