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Don't Forget the Earbuds: Episode 2

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

It takes a while for me to rotate out and include new podcasts into my tight little family. Today however, I realized that I’ve adopted some new podcasts and so it’s time for Episode 2 and a look at some new things coming through the earbuds these days.

(Sidebar: Yes, I am still using earbuds. Yes, they are slightly discolored from wear. Yes, they might be held together by tape. I will switch to air pods when one of you generous people decide to buy them for me.)

Now where were we?

Ah yes.

New podcasts. These are not new per se but are certainly new to me. I listen to roughly two podcasts a day and so I am reluctant to give my time to just any old podcast. To make it on my list there has to be a draw that says: something on this is going to make you think or feel or change. So far, these have not disappointed which is why I want to share the love. Here they are (in no particular order):

This podcast was birthed from a group called the Telos Collective. This group of Anglicans host the Intersections Conference and this podcast. In their words, this group seeks to "exchange ideas, share strategies for disciple-making in a post-Christian North America, and explore new ways of re-missioning the Church.” The podcast brings on guests and important thinkers across denominational lines in order to ask questions that help church leaders engage the culture, mission, art, and community. I have been inspired and challenged by these podcasts and I’m planning on attending this year’s conference in Atlanta. The conversations held on this podcast are quite engaging and helpful.

G4 Resources Podcasts (Addiction Recovery & Emotions):

I discovered Brad Hambrick and G4 Resources while researching recovery groups for local churches. I believe that the local church should be a setting for recovery and support groups that service their surrounding communities. Yet, not all churches have any idea how they can accomplish this. So I am always on the lookout for good resources that connect church and lay leaders to the value of recovery ministry. Hambrick has several podcasts and online material covering a variety of issues, but I am currently going through two podcast series. They are short and easy to listen to. I look forward to the information I get from them and find it useful in my everyday ministry.

The (&) Campaign hosts this podcast. The episodes are in-depth political analysis from a Christian worldview with Michael Wear & Justin Giboney. Despite your political viewpoint, this podcast is a challenging and informative conversation where sensitive topics are handled with respect and Christian charity. If you are a Republican or Democrat, these guys will challenge your party lines as they relate to a Christian ethic in the political sphere. I highly recommend this podcast and the (&) Campaign to anyone trying to work out where their faith exists in our political climate.

Annie and I grew up in the same home town at the same time and I loved her from the moment I first heard her speak at a Q Conference in Nashville, TN. This podcast is eclectic and revolves around the whims and musings of author and speaker, Annie Dillard. It’s everything from where to eat in Nashville to interviews with major Christian authors and thinkers. One thing is for sure, if Annie thinks it sounds fun, it probably is.

Author Jonathan Merritt seems to me to be connected to so many figures in politics,

evangelicalism, post-evangelicalism, and journalism. As a result, he has many interesting articles and books that fuel valuable conversations for Christians across the spectrum. His podcast does not disappoint where interviews with Andy Stanley, Amena Brown, Beth Moore, Brian Zahnd and many others are driven by Jonathan’s poignant and insightful questions.

So that’s the new line-up. But I still get a healthy dose of several podcasts mentioned back in Episode 1, including Truth’s Table, Cracker’s & Grape Juice, The Liturgists, Not So Black & White, Chasing Justice, Seminary Dropout, and the God Pod. I also still listen to audio books and sermons from our church back in Nashville, TN.

Now that you have all the hyperlinks you could ever want, I hope you check these out. Content is important and we are bombarded with it every second. In an effort to discipline my consumption, I try to carve out intentional vehicles of information and inspiration. Following these folks on social media is another layer to the whole experience and allows for even more interaction with ideas and people. So grab some earbuds and enjoy!


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