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Don't Forget the Earbuds: Episode 2

It takes a while for me to rotate out and include new podcasts into my tight little family. Today however, I realized that I’ve adopted some new podcasts and so it’s time for Episode 2 and a look at some new things coming through the earbuds these days.

(Sidebar: Yes, I am still using earbuds. Yes, they are slightly discolored from wear. Yes, they might be held together by tape. I will switch to air pods when one of you generous people decide to buy them for me.)


Now where were we?

Ah yes.


New podcasts. These are not new per se but are certainly new to me. I listen to roughly two podcasts a day and so I am reluctant to give my time to just any old podcast. To make it on my list there has to be a draw that says: something on this is going to make you think or feel or change. So far, these have not disappointed which is why I want to share the love. Here they are (in no particular order):

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