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Don't Forget the Earbuds: Episode 1

Every once in a while, I like to highlight what I am listening to or reading. As a college chaplain, my time is limited but I have a lot to learn and so I meticulously plan reading/listening time and choices to fit my life and Type A personality.


Today, let’s talk about what is coming through the ear buds.


I can be a sort of Podcast junkie. When I discovered that I could listen to interesting people, classes, topics, stories, and sermons all FOR FREE on headphones while I gardened, took a walk, worked out, waited in line, or cooked (J/K about that last one. Cereal only takes 30 second to prepare and so it’s hard to fit in a podcast) I was elated! For years I have been a slow reader and so this kind of information ingestion was just my thing. The first problem was - there are too many.


Over the years, I have revolved through various podcasts. Some were only a few episodes long. Others began to change and lessen in their quality over time. Some were meant only for a time. I once listened to three years worth of sermons by a preacher just because my brother loved him and I wanted to better understand my sibling. But mostly, I revolve through podcasts because it is so difficult to limit yourself. iTunesU began hosting podcasts of college classes from universities all over the world. I’ve been watching a video podcast of a Critical Reasoning & Logic class at Oxford and it’s all FREE (I will pause here to wait for your mind to explode). Between classes, sermons from world class preachers, audio books, and the variety of interesting podcasters, I’ve had a difficult time nailing it down.

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