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The Linger of Darkness, The Weight of Light: A Few Easter Thoughts Borrowed From Christmas

Ever since Christmas I have had a nagging thought. It’s one of those lines you’ve heard many times before but now it just won’t leave you alone. It comes up over and over and for the past four months I just can’t shake it.


“Those who walked in darkness have seen a great light.”



It is the opening line of a beautiful passage in Isaiah 9 and is quoted again by Matthew to bridge the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness with the beginning of His public ministry.

I know these things.


I know where it comes from and how it’s used. I’m familiar with the prolific metaphors of darkness and light littered throughout Scripture.


But I can’t make sense of why this line has haunted me these past few months.


I woke up this morning thinking Easter might be some kind of magic moment. That somehow this morning, the final piece would be placed in the puzzle and the picture would reveal itself. Easter feels like it should hold some sort of secret knowledge about light and darkness, right? As though somewhere in the well-worn story of crucifixion and resurrection, there is something that will draw my soul out from its own cave and illuminate the mysteries of relationship with this very present-absent seeming God.

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