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Blood & Paper: Vote your Conscious, Vote Anyway, and Don't Just Vote

Election years like this one make me want to pull a Kimmy Schmitt move, jump up and down, close my eyes, and chant, “I’m not really here! I’m not really here!” If this is sort of escapism is not your emotion of choice then you might be one of the population who has been wracked with fear (I can’t live with what would happen if _______ won the election), enmity (He/She is a monster and anyone who would vote for them is crazy), or vindication (We must do everything we can to stop _______ ). If you have been cruising through the news or online this year, then you have seen these various reactions popping up in colorful array.

Election years are tough and this one might just be the toughest of all.

In a season so riddled with confusion, fear, helplessness, and anxiety, it is common for many of us to retreat from the whole process. This year, I have been in more conversations than ever that are framed in the age-old question: “To vote, or not to vote.”

I want to share a few thoughts with you to consider on this particular topic. I will not tell you who to vote for or insert my own opinion about any candidate or party. These thoughts are my attempt to persuade anyone (particularly Christians) who is on the fence about voting, that they should indeed vote; conscientiously and anyway.

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